Belarusian Brides: Who Are They?

What About The Typical Belarusian Bride?

She’s probably the same as any other Slavic girl. Shiny and light-colored hair, fair or tan eyes, medium to large facial structure, balanced facial features, a slim body, and attractive, straight figure are all classic features of an authentic Belarusian bride.

But it isn’t just beauty that counts! A real Belarusian bride needs to be strong in spirit, as well. Her practical nature must also be fully appreciated. Being hard working is a very valued trait in the work force in any country, and this value is highly prized in Belarusian culture, too. And so it goes with marriages in the Belarusian countryside, where the women are expected to be self-sufficient and hardworking at their jobs, and where marriage is a ceremony between two free and willing participants who accept each other the way they are.

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Not all Belarusian wome are hardworking though. Some come from very wealthy backgrounds, and so they seek to join the working classes of Belarus. While these brides undoubtedly contribute greatly to the greater good of society as a whole, they also need a certain amount of financial security. It doesn’t hurt that many of them come from conservative cultures, where marriage between a rich man and a poor woman is not only taboo but viewed with distain.

So, what about the educated Belarus women of minsk and polish occupations? Many of these women are ambitious, even though they come from modest backgrounds, and so they find work in various industries. Business, law and medicine top the list of professions on which Belarus mail order brides choose. These women earn handsomely in their chosen careers, marry well and raise a family. And so their education never stops, as they complete their courses, keep updating their qualifications and pursue higher education with a view to progress to a more senior position in the minsk and polish village.

Best Way To Find A Belarusian Brides

However, some Belarusian brides prefer to settle down into quieter lives in minsk and polish villages, or join local clubs and societies for socializing and entertainment. These local girls often have a positive influence on their husbands, who become more involved in their domestic lives. As the relationship between the husband and wife becomes closer, there is an inclination towards progressive gender roles within the home. The husband is expected to take up the role of the breadwinner, the wife is encouraged to take up that of the homemaker.

Marriages between Belarusian brides and local women who are native or adopted are extremely common. In fact, within the steppes of western Hungary there are communities where there are no men and women, but only local women and local men. The local women often wed the men and stay with them. Marriage between the man and the local woman is thus not uncommon in this region. Such unions are therefore much sought after by the western Europeans.

There is an interesting tradition in Belarus, whereby the bride is selected from the group of young ladies whom her family has deemed eligible for marriage. Then these young Belarusian brides travel to the capital of the country, starting out on a journey of happiness and love, which they term as “the great migration”. The journey of thousands of people through Europe and the surrounding region takes them through numerous countries, until they arrive at the border of Austria. Here they undergo to a new stage of life, away from their families and friends, for a new set of social standards and beliefs.


Many a time, the marriages between these men and women go through a lot of difficulties and challenges. But they are mostly happy when it all turns out alright. There is a special ceremony in Belarus whereby the bride’s family pays a visit and bless the newlyweds, making sure that their marriage is in good hands. It is a known fact that the families of Belarusian brides do not look down upon the bride, but make sure she does something to maintain her honor. Belorussian brides usually take part in many functions, festivals and social events, which give them a chance to meet new friends and interact with different cultures.